“The most important relationship you have in your life is the relationship you have with yourself.”

Join Jill this fall for a powerful – women only – small group coaching experience.

In this (5) week “Bootcamp for Boundaries” series of EU,

you will discover how personal boundaries are the foundation for all other relationships we have in our life. You will learn to develop the skills to set loving, firm boundaries in all areas of your life to gain the inner strength and peace you deserve.

  • Week 1:  “Don’t take it personally” – How to stay immune to the actions and opinions of others

  • Week 2:  “No is a complete sentence” – How to stop saying Yes when you want to say No

  • Week 3: “If they’ll do it with you, they’ll do it to you” – How to shed the gossips, drama-queens and negative Nancies

  • Week 4:  “Say what you mean, mean what you say” – How to have integrity with your word and stop the passive aggression

  • Week 5:  “I’m doing my best” – How to celebrate the authentic YOU in every area of your life

Each week of Empowerment U! will cover a new boundary topic of discussion and personal exploration. In 5 weeks, you will find the courage and gain the practice and support you need to start setting healthy boundaries in a way that feels authentic and loving in your life.

Come with friends or make new ones!

Dates: November 14, 21, & 28th December 5 & 12th

Time: 7-8:30PM

“The group dynamic was wonderful. I enjoyed the conversations
and it made me think of things in my life in a different way.”

“I felt like the sessions were really organic…things were discussed very naturally.
I found myself using the techniques over the past few weeks to deal with stress.”

“I enjoyed talking ‘real’ with other women, being able to be me when I spoke,
learning about why I feel certain things and how to help myself think differently.”