Hi! I’m Jill.
I am a life coach, EFT/(Emotional Freedom Techniques) coach and speaker.

With my support, my clients discover how to live their lives with excitement, free from negative thoughts and behaviors. My approach to each person is as individual as you are. I am committed to helping people improve their lives through working in the personal areas that impact you the deepest and bring about the most significant change.

I believe that your relationship with yourself sets the stage for all of the other relationships in your life – from career, to health, to your personal relationships – how you feel about yourself is what will set you up for success in every area.

Almost 13 yrs ago, I began my career helping people as a massage therapist. It was through this work, and supporting clients in their release of physical pain, that I began to study the power of our mind/body connection. I discovered a whole new world of information about our ability to heal ourself, when given the right tools. Over the course of time, my practice has evolved to include Tapping/EFT and empowerment/self love coaching. Through this journey of understanding and helping people connect with themselves positively, I have developed a coaching program that is unique and diverse.

I share all of these powerful tools and techniques with you in our work together!

But before I was able to create any of this, my own life was VERY different. For many years, I had struggled with an eating disorder and an addiction to alcohol that had left me feeling broken, insecure, fearful and ashamed. From the outside, my world looked nearly picture perfect as a stay-at-home Mom, wife and active parent. But on the inside, I was empty, sad and discontent. I was stuck on a hamster wheel of anxiety and depression and I didn’t know how to get off. Until “one day” it happened…I made the decision to begin healing and my life changed immeasurably! It wasn’t enough to simply stop drinking and end my destructive relationship with food. I needed to get very clear about how my life had ended up there in the first place. I needed to understand and heal the aspects of myself that kept holding me back.

It is through my own journey of self discovery and healing that I am able to understand the power that lies within each of us to overcome obstacles. My personal experience is the reason I know that anyone can transform their life and dreams into reality…because I’ve lived it. No matter where you are now or where you’ve come from…YOU have the power to create the life you dream of and deserve!

Anything you want in your life is POSSIBLE!

Certifications & Affiliations:

Certified Life Coach
Certified Level 1-2 EFT/Tapping Coach
Certified Trainer of the DiSC Model of Human Behavior
Advisory Team Member – Troy 52nd District Drug Therapy Court
Licensed Polarity Therapist
Licensed Massage Therapist

Speaking & Executive Coaching Partners:

Rochester Community Schools
Troy 52nd District Court
The Beauty Boost
Earth Day Fest
Healthy Home + Living Expo
Bodman PLC
Kensington Church

Podcast Appearances:

The Embody Podcast
Where the Road Rises podcast
The Butterfly Effect podcast
Real life Co. podcast

Are you ready to begin?

Let’s turn your “one day” into Day One!

Email Jill a few dates and times that work for you to schedule your first coaching session!